What is being experienced in Catalonia at the moment awakens diverse feelings and reactions in each of us.

In the face of the events that have taken place in recent years, but much more intensely in recent weeks and days, we ask ourselves “What can I do about all of this?”.

All of us who have participated in this project have in common the will to “do” something, not to sit idly by but to contribute positively to understanding and healing, following the premises of respect, dialog, active listening, the will to consensus and the assertive, coherent and sincere expression of our ideas.

We wanted to prove it with an encounter between people with different points of view and different views on the moment that is being lived today in Catalonia. A meeting between people who share, above any other idea, that building agreement is only a matter of will. Activating the desire to listen, to understand, helps us make it possible.



Trailer video (Spanish subs only):

And we would like this meeting between five people to be taken to the whole of society.

We consider that, leaving aside our personal positions, our ideological attachments and our identity feelings (and also the absence of them), what we are sharing is very powerful, so powerful that it may have the capacity to lead our society to changes that will help us to resolve this (and any other) complex and multi-layered situation.

If you are inspired by this possibility, please do sign our petition on change.org.



Full video (English subtitles available):