Proposal 1: Citizen decision making mechanism

This is a call to collective intelligence. Today, more than ever, it is possible for citizens to participate actively in decision making.

We’ve been made to believe that it is very difficult but it doesn’t have to be so.

People are clearly eager. Let us recover true common sense, the fruit of common feeling. The time has come to feel proud of ourselves. Let us be a world example of what political management should be.

Being a single voice, despite being thousands, is possible. It is proven that in a few minutes a piece of news, law or action can be understood and assessed by millions of people. A similar mechanism would achieve significant political transparency and, at the same time, reduce the number of politicians and the combined weight of their salaries.

New technologies are also found in other areas. For example, there are already many tools to resolve conflicts in a more peaceful, participatory and efficient way, as well as more and more people trained in using them and supporting others in their use.

As human beings, all people share universal needs: expression and listening, belonging, connection, influence on the decisions that affect us and contribution to the well-being of other people, among many others.

Among all people of good faith, we know that it is possible to find new strategies to better meet these needs that we have in common. It only takes willpower and the support of the group intelligence.

We have an opportunity to stretch ourselves and demonstrate that we can do better than our current leaders. An opportunity to build a true democracy that allows the active participation of anyone who is interested.

We invite the collective intelligence to reflect on these points.

Let us not turn our backs on the past or the future. New technologies: at the service of people and of life.