“Yeah … can you send someone? They’re fighting and I’m afraid something bad is going to happen…”

Proposal 1: Mediation via a third party

Suggesting that a couple who just went through a huge crisis sit down to speak is not a good idea. They need a trustworthy person who can listen to them and help them express their needs without projections.

In the same way, Catalonia and the Spanish Central Government cannot at this time transform the conflict they are experiencing. That is why our proposal includes a third party (whom they both respect and trust) to mediate between them.

There are people who making their living repairing cars, motorcycles, computers, mobiles … And there are also people who make a living repairing relationships and helping people to understand each other. Let the professionals do their jobs.

Asking for help makes us safer and stronger. That is why we seek a mediation with a third party.

And if our governors are unwilling to do so, we ask that they resign and make way for people who are.